December 4, 2018

Tested and true leadership...

“Chris is an outstanding leader that seems to be able to pull off everything he does with an extremely high level of professionalism and excellence.  With his permission I have been able to pass on their original Business Plan for the Torquay Early Learning Centre (TeLC) to other grateful Church and ELC leaders who had no idea of how to formulate a professional proposal for their various ministry plans.  The models his leadership team have formulated for every stage of their Centre’s successful growth have continually been seen to be best practice in the industry, especially as these were formulated well before “Hybrid ministry” concepts were well known. For them to be able to demonstrate a consistent surplus in their financial statements from the TeLC’s very first year of operation onwards is almost unheard of in the business world.  And as a Senior leader, having to balance pastoral leadership ministry while also managing people and overseeing business governance and regulatory compliance, Chris has demonstrated leadership skills that are not only tested and true but also highly adaptable to various business and ministry settings.  It has been a pleasure to work alongside him and his leadership team.”

Anina Findling, National Networking Manager for Baptist Finanical Services

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