January 26, 2017

Is it arrogant to pray for small things?

I've seen this meme with a Ricky Gervais quote often in the past year or so.. I do get the point this meme wants to make, but I'm not sure it doesn't in fact miss the point of prayer altogether... for example I have some friends that, if I ask them to help me find my lost keys would happily look for them with me, or maybe they would help me pass my driving test by quizzing me or helping me to learn and remember.... but they didn't stop the Holocaust either... it doesn't invalidate their existence, or make the asking arrogant. Arrogance would be asking God to help with the keys or driving test, but not asking God to help those suffering injustice or pain.... and maybe even arrogance would be only asking God for the big things, and never for the small... maybe like if i only ever spoke to my wife about the mortgage or sex but never spoke to her about all the small details of life that she really wants to share with me...

One comment on “Is it arrogant to pray for small things?”

  1. Many of my small asks in prayer are often connected to a bigger picture. Maybe passing my driving test would one day help toward a bigger social issue. What can be more arrogant than believing that the only hope in the world belongs to a species that is destroying it with greed.

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